Friday, June 19, 2015

The Importance of Personal Self Protection

The Importance of Personal Self Protection

Pepper Spray
I have no personal experience with products that use pepper spray or stun guns, but I have been considering a pepper spray product to carry with me. In early history red chili peppers were used by China as self-defense. As time progressed pepper spray became useful in torturing criminals and slaves. Now comes the confusing part. The state forbids pepper spray, the brand or type of pepper spray.

Stun Guns
Going forward the stun gun gained popularity as a self-defense device. Remember though each state has laws on ownership of a stun gun.
Both options (martial arts and self-defense devices) are totally capable of protecting you from harm. My personal choice will probably be the pepper spray. Most importantly be aware of what your state laws are regarding the pepper spray and stun gun.

Avoidance and Awareness is a key component of Self-Defense and; many Self-Defense teachers I have met in the past have put great emphases on this with their students.

Many students that I have spoken to have also agreed on the critical part this plays in avoiding a confrontation.
1) Always walk facing traffic.
2) When walking along the street, do not speak on your mobile. In Self-Defense, you learn how to use your opponent's strength and momentum as tools for your own defense.

In the arena of the bullfighter, the Matador skillfully avoids the charge of the bull (the bull's attack line) and is prepared for his attack.

Here, you have successfully taken control of his action by stepping out of his attack line (avoiding the charging bull) and simultaneously striking a vital part of his lower body (like the Matador who would pierce the bull with his sword).

In this scenario, do not attempt to strike him whilst he is approaching you; he is alert and he WILL grab your arm or leg. When you do strike him, after your parry, never kick above the knee; instead, use a snap kick to his knee cap.

My main aim in this article is to show you that you can, with minimum effort, stop a vicious attack and counter it with a very specific blow that would stop him in his tracks as you walk away. The principle of minimum effort with maximum effect also applies to elderly people or other vulnerable people using a spray, a walking stick, an umbrella or a bunch of keys.